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How to get rid Asthma

Treatment Asthma

Nowadays, asthma is a very common chronic disease that is almost not amenable to complete cure. This disease is characterized by strong attacks of breathlessness.Asthma can not be cured, but you can take it under control and live without attacks. The disease is often exacerbated at the end of winter. Even experienced doctors often confuse it with colds.control AsthmaHow to get rid of asthma.It is important to know that there are two types of asthma, it is:
2. bronchial.
They differ in the individual occurrence, but the symptoms are almost the same. Both in this and in this case, a person with asthma suffers from frequent attacks of both bronchial asthma and cardiac, and which leads to the mandatory emergency treatment of both types of asthma.

Bronchial Asthma Attack

Bronchial asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, according to the World Health Organization, more than 400 million people in the world are currently ill.Bronchial asthma in our time, when so much in the life of stress and cities full of allergens, has become a fairly common disease of the respiratory tract in adults and children. There is bronchial asthma in the form of recurrent attacks of shortness of breath or severe coughing, which sometimes develop into asthma attacks, a condition where a person takes a breath and cannot breathe.

The cause of the attack is the reaction of the respiratory centers to any irritant that has entered the respiratory tract. Because of this, the blood vessels in the bronchi strongly and sharply narrowed, a strong spasm occurs in the throat or trachea, which does not allow a person to inhale.

Causes of Asthma

The causes of asthma attacks may vary. Based on this emit:

- non-allergic asthma;

- Allergic asthma.

In the first case, an asthmatic attack occurs as a result of exposure to external respiratory tract irritants. In allergic asthma, an attack occurs due to the ingress of allergen particles into the bronchi.

In allergic asthma attacks cause specific irritants- allergens, such as:

- pollen;

- dust mite;

- animal hair;

- tobacco smoke.

Often, exacerbation of asthma, in which a person begins bronchitis with abundant secretion of mucus and increasing asthmatic attacks, occurs seasonally. This is mainly due to the flowering of plants that are allergic. Exacerbations of the disease may also be accompanied by:

- increased tearing;

- urticaria;

- runny nose;

- cough.

Asthma attacks of non-allergic origin can be caused by any irritation of the bronchi. Because of their hypersensitivity in the throat, spasms occur that interfere with the normal flow of air into the lungs and back. As a result, there is a strong cough, choking attack.

The main reasons that can cause an attack are asthma:

- tobacco smoke;

- the pungent smell of household chemicals - detergents, soap, shampoo;

- traffic fumes;

- taking certain medications;

- strong odors, incl. perfumery.

The reaction will not always be instantaneous, the reaction may come in a few minutes.

In the case of an attack, it is necessary to take into account the reasons that caused the attack, and they also divide asthma into:

- Asthma of physical effort (inhalation of cold air when playing sports, muscle overload during physical effort, sudden movement);

- Aspirin asthma (taking certain medications, including acetylsalicylic acid);

- food asthma;

- occupational asthma (inhalation of the same substance at work for a sufficiently long period of time, - when working at a gas station, when spraying trees, at chemical plants);

- mixed asthma (contact with an allergen with the presence of 2 or more factors);

- Unspecified asthma (not determined the exact cause of the attack).

It is not always possible to identify what exactly causes an attack, even after diagnostics and tests for allergens. The very first attacks are usually associated with acute respiratory infections, an inflammatory process in the airways. In the future, the respiratory center can react to any external irritant as to the danger of the resumption of the inflammatory process, which causes a spasm. Many doctors are inclined to believe that the nature of asthma is more likely to be psychosomatic, that is, it is more likely to be explained by psychological factors.

It is most difficult to determine occupational asthma, because people usually do not attach importance to the first symptoms that appear during work and that pass at the end of the shift. Finding out the causes of this type of asthma is difficult and can take a long time to clarify the diagnosis.

Each person is unique, and the harbingers of a seizure may manifest themselves in different ways. Those who are prone to such a disease should study your body well in order to know the exact symptoms of the onset of an attack in him.

Often, the foreboding of an asthma attack appears half an hour before the spasm.

Allergic asthma attacks usually foreshadow:

- frequent sneezing;

- coughing;

- pain and sore throat;

- severe runny nose with watery mucus;

- headache.

For non-allergic asthma attacks, the following precursors are possible:

- dizziness;

- cough;

- severe weakness, fatigue;

- anxiety;

- anxiety;

- deterioration of mood.

Precursors of an asthma night attack:

- insomnia;

- strong cough in the evening before sleeping.

Cardiac Asthma

For any violations of the human heart requires careful study of its functioning, because it is the muscular organ that provides the "pumping" of blood in the body. In certain disorders of the heart, patients may experience shortness of breath, which subsequently leads to sudden asthma attacks. In such cases, doctors often diagnose cardiac asthma.In the case of cardiac asthma, the causes lie in the occurrence of heart failure. And this may be myocardial infarction, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. In the case of cardiac asthma, seizures last for a few minutes, can go up to several hours. In the case of an attack, you should call an ambulance, and at this time - to measure blood pressure. If it is lowered, it is worthwhile to seat the patient in a half-sitting position, if elevated it is seated. If blood pressure exceeds 100, then you need to take a nitroglycerin tablet and do nothing before the ambulance arrives.

Cardiac asthma is a disease that is accompanied by attacks of suffocation and is related to severe human conditions. It is the acute failure of the left parts of the human heart that causes such attacks. Disturbed respiratory rhythm is most often sudden, but may occur gradually.A human heart consists of 4 chambers: atria (right and left) and ventricles (right and left). The pulmonary veins supply blood to the left atrium. Just the stagnation of blood in the pulmonary circulation (right ventricle and left atrium - its components) is the cause of respiratory disorders and circulation of blood flow, which are characteristic of asthma. In the left atrium, the pressure rises, the outflow of blood to the left ventricle is impeded. Since blood accumulates in the capillaries of the lungs, cardiac asthma can cause pulmonary edema, and this is extremely dangerous for a person’s life. In case of heart failure of this type, emergency medical assistance is urgently needed.

What does the disease look like?

Being a consequence of left ventricular failure, cardiac asthma pursues people with this pathology. Symptoms of it can manifest as in the daytime and at night, however asthma attacks still occur more often at night, especially if during the day a person overdoes something. Shortness of breath can be caused by two types of stress:Emotional,Physical.

The intensity of physical activity required for provocation of an attack of cardiac asthma is different and depends on the degree of heart failure of a particular patient. So some people have a seizure when climbing the stairs up to several floors, while others begin to experience a lack of air and breathing problems from a simple sharp tilt.

Excessive eating or drinking, simply speaking, overeating, which results in overcrowding of the stomach, can also cause a cardiac asthmatic attack, preceded by a feeling of discomfort and pressure in the chest, a change in heart rhythm.

The reason for the attack can serve as stress, nervous tension, anxiety of a person due to any events or situations.

When a person with cardiac asthma assumes a horizontal position, there is a redistribution of blood in the vessels, its stagnation in the lungs. At the same time, the patient suddenly experiences a feeling of squeezing of the chest ("a feeling of compression of the ribs with a hoop"), shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing. It becomes a little easier in the case when a person rises on a bed, hangs his legs or gets up at all.

The following manifestations are characteristic of an attack of cardiac asthma:

Long and heavy (noisy) inhalation;

Dry and deep paroxysmal cough, which is later accompanied by the release of sputum. A cough usually occurs if an attack lasts longer than 10-15 minutes;

Rapid breathing. If the normal number of respiratory movements is about 20 per minute, then during an attack of cardiac asthma, it increases to 50-60;

Excitement, anxiety, panic, a sense of fear of death. Such phenomena sometimes lead to inadequate human behavior, and this, in turn, can make it difficult to provide first aid.

Treatment methods for cardiac Asthma-Diet and Exercise

In cardiac asthma, a person must follow a diet,which contains only easily absorbable components. The daily dose of salt is recommended to limit to 3 grams. And it is better to renounce it altogether, since with the incoming food the body gets enough of it.

Not in the acute period the amount of liquid should be less than 2 liters, and with a tendency to swelling - up to 1-1.5 liters. Its amount can be adjusted by tracking your weight. In addition, it is necessary to follow dietary recommendations in the treatment of the main heart disease: angina, myocardial infarction, ischemia.

It is impossible to abuse food containing many fats of vegetable origin, as this complicates the work of the liver. Products that have a definitely positive effect do not exist. Therefore, in the diet and lifestyle should follow a golden mean.

Exercise patients with heart asthma should be moderate and adequate. They train the myocardium and slow down the course of the disease. Exercises are selected under the supervision of a physician. Excessive physical activity can cause another attack of cardiac asthma. A complete failure will only lead to deterioration, contributing to the gradual disability.

Very useful for cardiac asthma walking, as well as swimming and breathing exercises. After the load it is very important to check the patient's condition and if after charging he is tired and weak, the load should be reduced. Exercise is contraindicated during an asthma attack or the appearance of its precursors.

Prevention and prognosis

The prognosis of heart asthma will depend on the severity of the underlying disease and adequate therapeutic measures. About half of all patients with cardiac asthma live up to five years after making this diagnosis. The duration will also be affected by the concomitant background, the effectiveness of the therapy, the environmental situation and the lifestyle of the patient.

Early treatment can fully stabilize the patient’s condition. The worst prognosis is observed at stage 3 of heart failure.

Prevention of the disease will consist in the treatment of the underlying disease, the installation of work and living conditions, the general condition of the patient. Physical activity should be moderate, agreed with the doctor. Useful breathing exercises, yoga. It requires regular monitoring by a cardiologist and taking the recommended drugs.

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How to get rid of Asthma of bronchial type?

To get rid of bronchial asthma, you should understand its causes and improve immunity.Bronchial asthma can develop in humans for many reasons, namely: allergic reaction;the effect of the virus;the action of bacteria;the presence of bad smoking habits;some medicines and nutritional supplements;other environmental factors.In addition to the above, the leading role in the occurrence of bronchial asthma is played by the peripheral nervous system, namely the defect of receptors that are responsible for the muscles of the bronchi.

IMPORTANT! If a person is sick with bronchitis, he should treat this disease, otherwise a complication in the form of bronchial asthma may occur. It is also necessary not to forget the fact that this ailment is hereditary.

Our medicine claims that it is not possible to get rid of asthma, therefore people suffering from this ailment should take medicines for the rest of their lives, which only soften the effect, preventing attacks, but do not cure the disease itself. So inhaler called Seroflo is an indispensable drug in the fight against asthma disease. Recommendations for this drug have been approved by the World Health Organization at the UN.

Prevention is the most important part in the treatment of asthma. Sometimes, only through the prevention of bronchial asthma (for example, avoiding smoking), long lasting remission can be achieved, the risk of disease progression and the development of complications can be minimized. Prevention of asthma: primary and secondary Distinguish between primary prevention and secondary. Primary prevention of bronchial asthma is carried out to people from the risk group (usually children) who have experienced allergic reactions, episodes of croup or obstructive bronchitis, have chronic respiratory diseases, atopic dermatitis, pollinosis, allergic rhinitis, and a hereditary predisposition to allergic diseases. Secondary prevention of asthma is aimed at reducing the manifestations of the disease in people who already have bronchial asthma (reducing the number of seizures and their severity). The main recommendations in the prevention of bronchial asthma To prevent bronchial asthma, you must comply with the following recommendations:

1. walk in the fresh air for at leas 2 hours a day;

2. Avoid contact with the allergen (for example, pets, tobacco smoke, strong odors);

3. Prevention of chronic infections of the upper respiratory tract (hardening, courses of immunomodulatory drugs, in the absence of allergy to them, and other methods);

4 the use of hypoallergenic products for the prevention of bronchial asthma;

5. if it is impossible to exclude contact with the allergen (for example, allergy to pollen, poplar fluff), seasonal courses of antiallergic drugs are shown (the drug, dosage and duration of the course are determined individually by the attending physician);

6.Mandatory cessation of smoking for the prevention of bronchial asthma (including from passive);

7. physical therapy courses, perhaps - sports (if physical activity does not provoke attacks of the disease);

8. If necessary, rational employment can be shown (in the presence of occupational hazards), change of residence (if the patient lives in an old, damp house, on the first floor).

Prevention of asthma in the room in which the patient lives should include:

1. frequent wet cleaning (at least 2 times a week);

2. for the prevention of asthma, preferably the absence of upholstered furniture, carpets, plants;

3. bed linen should be washed at least once a week at a temperature of 60o with soap;

4. special dustproof covers for mattresses, blankets and pillows for the prevention of bronchial asthma;

5. pillows, blankets should not be feather, from down or wool, it is better to use synthetic materials;

6. There should be no pets;

7. for the prevention of bronchial asthma, periodically carry out the fight against domestic insects (cockroaches and others), and if the house is out of town, then with rodents.

Important: It should be remembered that the disease is officially considered an incurable official medicine, only in children asthma can go away by itself, but using the drug as Seroflo. You can only improve your condition with the help of medicines and folk remedies. But if you believe in yourself, systematically follow the instructions of the doctors, then you will be able to overcome the disease and get rid of asthma forever. The main thing is to regularly undergo a course of treatment and carry out all appointments of doctors, avoid situations that can cause an attack or worsen the state of health.